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2020 US Presidential Elections

Dear Valued Client,

Greetings from INGOT Brokers.

Markets are anticipating the 2020 US Presidential Elections day which is expected to be a pivotal point in the market’s performance.

As we approach Nov 3rd, 2020, it is crucial that you consider the impact expected on the instruments you trade regardless of whether you are a professional investor or a novice trader.

Increased volatility in the markets provides significant opportunities to profit but also carries increased risk. Therefore, we recommend that you prepare in advance and equip yourself with the necessary knowledge, thereby you can plan your portfolio and manage your risk accordingly.  

Please ensure that your trading account is sufficiently funded to avoid the impact of unwanted market movements and be able to take advantage of the volatility during the upcoming week.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at customerservice@ingotbrokers.com.


§  INGOT Brokers reserves the right to temporarily adjust the margins, spreads and fees as needed at its sole discretion without previous notice.

§  Order price may vary from the requested price due to the fast-paced market during this upcoming period.

§  IB’s are required to forward this message to their clients accordingly.

INGOT Brokers Team