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How do I open a demo account?

ЦЕНТР ПОМОЩИ : Opening an account

How do I open a demo account?

 1. Register from here, fill out all of the required information and select the specifications of your account.

Make sure you read the Client Agreement and agree to the terms and conditions.

2. Click Open an account button to proceed.

3. You will be transferred to your Client's Portal Dashboard. 

4. From Help & Support, choose Download Center.

Download and install the version of MetaTrader that is compatible with your device.

5. Check your email inbox. 

You will find an email from INGOT Brokers with your MetaTrader demo account login. 

Note: If you don’t find the email, make sure you check the spam or junk inbox. 

Open MetaTrader platform that you installed, and login with the information you received.

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