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How can I verify my profile?

To verify your account, you must complete your profile information and upload the required documents. Then, your account will be under compliance review for a maximum period of 48 hours after which you will receive a response from our team about the result of your verification.

For Individual applications, the clients can create live trading accounts, deposit and start trading before the final verification of the account. However, the full verification of the account is mandatory to activate the withdrawal/financial settlement function in the Client's Portal. If your application is rejected, our team will support you and inform you of the missing information. 

As for Corporate, Joint, and Partnership applicants, the clients are required to provide the required documents and complete their profile in order to be able to open real trading accounts and deposit funds. 

You may inquire about your account status by contacting our live chat support, leaving a ticket, or emailing us at customerservice@ingotbrokers.com

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