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INGOT Brokers MAM Pro System

We bring you the innovative Multi Allocation Manager (MAM) Pro system for MetaTrader 4, which serves as an all-in-one system to satisfy every Fund Manager’s needs

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What Is MAM Pro System?

Looking for a system that includes all the features of a MAM, PAMM, or even LAMM? You can stop your search now!

With our new MAM Pro, which is compatible with MetaTrader 4, you won’t need any other system to control all your fund allocations and manage your sub-accounts.

INGOT Brokers’ innovative MAM Pro for MT4 will provide all the features you need and more

With Our Mam Pro, You Can Allocate Funds

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By Equity
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By Balance
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By Lot
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Other Cash Based Rules

Why Use Our MAM Pro?

Flexible deactivation options allow Fund Managers to temporarily include or exclude sub-accounts without affecting any open positions.

Money Managers can adjust the Risk Factor to better suit each sub-account holder based on their individual risk tolerance.

Finally, the program has a High Watermark function, which allows sub-account holders to pay a fee for the Fund Manager as a tip for their good work.

Easily manage all allocations for your Master Account through a user-friendly interface.

Completely compatible with MetaTrader platforms, namely MT4.

You can access your real-time trading information through the program, including open positions, leverage, active and inactive balance, and equity.

Take A Look At Our Mam Pro

Watch our tutorial to see how the program looks and works.

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