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Avoid Scams by Trading with INGOT Brokers
Published on Jan 17, 2021


With new brokerage firms popping up every day, determining the legitimacy of a broker can be a real challenge. As a trader, it is vital to research a company before depositing money to trade. At INGOT Brokers it is our mission to assist you as much as possible with that research. Keep reading to find out how INGOT Brokers is not a scam.

Regulated by Several Bodies

Our financial brokerage firm is regulated by ASIC under number 428015 and SVGFSA under company reference number 24172 IBC 2017. Meanwhile, INGOT Brokers aims to cover JSC (Jordan) and CNMV (Spain) in the year 2021.

Physical Offices in Several Countries

INGOT Brokers’ main headquarter is in Australia, along with other branches across the world, such as the offices in Spain, Jordan, Pakistan, and many more.

MT4 and MT5 as Trading Platforms

You can trade after opening your account by transferring the fund through INGOT Brokers’ portal to MT4 and MT5, which allow you to invest in different kinds of CFD instruments.

Segregation of Clients’ Fund

INGOT Brokers has a clear policy that all clients’ funds are kept in tier 1 banks. They are kept separated from all company’s funds, for all our clients to feel safe and sound.

Customer Service and an Advanced Ticketing System

Our highly qualified team is there to help you. You can contact our customer service agents or your dedicated account manager anytime you need. All your inquiries and problems will be solved with high proficiency and efficiency through an advanced ticketing system.

A Transparent Financial Brokerage Firm

This is the main characteristic of our culture. It can be sensed through our customer service and sales agents. Besides, it can be noticed on our website, which contains all information the trader needs, such as spreads, commissions, financial products, and much more.

We will Never Trade on your Behalf

INGOT Brokers provides you with everything you need and supports you to do your own trading without any interference.

Clear Terms and Conditions  

INGOT Brokers has clear terms and conditions. Furthermore, all legal and related documents are uploaded on the website, so you can go through them anytime at your convenience. Additionally, our customer service and sales agents are always there to clarify any point for you.

A Finance Department Around the Clock

INGOT Brokers has its finance department available around the clock to take care of your funds. Our finance department is available to treat your funds at any time in case of deposit and withdrawal requests without any delay on our part as an agency.

In Conclusion

By trading with INGOT Brokers, you will avoid any trading scams. INGOT is a fully regulated firm by several bodies, and it has physical offices around the world. Also, it provides MT4 and MT5 as trading platforms. Additionally, INGOT Brokers offers segregation of clients’ funds and efficient customer service. It is a transparent financial brokerage firm with clear terms and conditions and a finance department working around the clock.