Account Types

EU Stocks

Name Symbol Price
E.ON EOAN.de11.32 See Details
Commerzbank CBK.de9.67 See Details
Deutsche Post DPW.GER- See Details
Daimler AG DAI.GER75.58 See Details
SAP SE Ger SAP127.74 See Details
BASF BAS.de42.22 See Details
BMW BMW96.8 See Details
Bayer BAYN.de45.66 See Details
Siemens SIE.de134.58 See Details
Volkswagen Group VOW.de123.19 See Details
  • This table includes the contract size information for MT5 accounts
  • Pending orders: good till today, including SL/TP (orders will be canceled at the end of each day)
  • Trading hours are based on GMT+2 Time (+1 hour for daylight saving)
  • Dividend: If you are going long, you will receive 85% after tax deduction since EU withholding tax is 15%. If you are going long, you will pay 100%.